WADJET | Visualize Cyber-Attacks in real time | Powered by NIRVANA-KAI | dit Co., Ltd.

WADJET | Visualize Cyber-Attacks in Real Time

for Speedy Detection & Damage Prevention.

What is WADJET ?
  • WADJET is commercial version of NIRVANA-KAI (NICTER Real-network Visual ANAlyzer KAI : Anti-APT Platform) researched and developed by NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) and affiliates.
  • WADJET provide the platform to visualize Cyber-Attack in combination with other security appliances, such as Firewall, IDS/IPS, SANDBOX ...

Main Function

  • Visualize live-network for network monitoring.
  • Visualize alerts collected from existing security appliances.
  • Analyze various alerts correlatively for the detailed investigation of the cause.
  • Conduct necessary security measures to security appliances, once the alerts recognized as incident.


1Visualization of Alerts

Display Alerts collected from security appliance.

2Visualization of Alert List

Display Alert List to identify originating Security Appliances.(Alert List Window)

3Visualization of Traffic: Packet

Visualize Packet in Traffic with 3D Real Time Animation.

4Visualization of Traffic: Flow

Visualize Flow in Traffic with 3D Real Time Animation.

5View Type: IP address block

Able to drill-down entire internet ( to individual IP address.

6View Type: Topology

Able to map traffic and alerts on the Topology Chart based on Microsoft Visio.

7Automatic Execution of Security Measures

Once incident occurs, apply security measures to related Security Appliances.

8Darknet Monitoring option

Using dark net observation network, detect abnormal communication sent from within the organization, send alert quickly to the organization.

System Configuration

Management System WADJET System Management Server Visualization System Visualization System
*Higher specification than WQHD(2560x1440)
Sensor System Network Sensor Correlation Analysis System Engine for Correlative Analysis of Alert Information
Gate System Collect data from Sensor System Defense System Defense Engine
Alert information collection System Collect Alert Information from Security Appliances Darknet Monitoring option Darknet Analysis System "SiteVisor"
System Configuration

Service and Products

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